C5ISR Intelligence Policy Certification
RF Engineering Modeling & Sim Software Solution SME Support
Integration Software  SME Support
Electronic Warfare
Specialized experience in the area of EW including spectrum impact and suportability.
Consulting spans all areas of C5ISR. We specialize in military integration and solution  deployment
Solutions spanning Software, research and development SME support, etc.
Our Organization
Subject Matter Experts
Our team is currently working on solutions for the National Spectrum Consortium (NSC) as well as the Consortium for Command, Control, and Communications in Cyberspace (C5) to solve miryad issues surround DoD problem spaces.  Our approach is to utilitize subject matter expertise as "middlemen" between the government requirements and the engineering teams.  Real-world testing rounds this out for an on time and on target delivery
Subject Matter Experts in Spectrum Bullpen are diverse in their approach to supporting solutions and associated problems.  We have extensive background in spectrum for military services, National level as well as international policies and procedures.  Our SMEs have tremendous capablity to turn government produced requirements into well understood engineering requirements for our developer to produce sound user accepted software solutions.
Additional work is expected in the coming months for DSA solutions which we hope will fundementally change the way spectrum can be used in a sharing sense between DoD and Civilian users.